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Who We Are

Welcome to Eatglobe, your ultimate guide to the world of food! With us you can enjoy daily news on food and related topics such as farming, future food and the environment. We offer a Directory of Regional Foods and Drinks from more than 100 countries. And we collect the world's Food Events so you can select the ones which interest you most. We believe that more and more people want to know where, how and by whom their food is produced. And we know that all that information can be presented in a fun and enjoyable way.

Our Team

We work with a team of enthusiastic writers - some of them professional journalists, some of them with experience in the food business. We are a young team who believes that food and the environment are interconnected and that our future will depend on whether we can manage both in a creative and responsible way. You can meet us on our Authors page and get in touch with each of us to discuss food or environmental topics.

Daily News

We present daily news on food, environment, faiths and customs and much more. Our editorial offices in Varna/Bulgaria, Lviv/Ukraine and Manila/Philippines work to serve you the most interesting news form around the world, based on sources in a multitude of languages. Our stories are classified by categories and by countries to make it easy to you to find what you are looking for!

Food & Drinks Directory

Eatglobe Drinks & Food Directory is a modern type of Encyclopedia, which provides a list of 10.000 regional foods and drinks from around the world. Learn about your national foods and beverages, how they are made and who are their farmers and local producers.