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Our Drinks section contains 5000 different regional drinks, covering wine, tea, spirits, beer, coffee, cocoa, cider, as well as other fermented drinks and mineral water. As with the foodstuffs we show, every drinks is presented together with the area where it is produced, with the names of its producers, and, wherever possible, links to their websites.


Wine is the biggest category in the drinks section, with 2500 types of wine from 39 countries. This is fitting, for it was wine, where the concept of appellations, which protects the name of the region where a drink or food is produced, was first introduced. Our wines are categorized by countries and sub-regions. In Europe, following the nomenclature of the European Union for wine appellations, we classify each wine either as “Protected Denomination of Origin” (PDO), or as “Protected Geographical Indication” (PGI). The rules of origin for PDO wines are more strict than those for PGI wines. For every wine, we provide a summary of those rules.

Some of the best-known PDO wines in Europe are Bordeaux in France, Chianti in Italy, Santorini in Greece and Rioja in Spain. In the United States, there is just one type of appellation and its territory is either the state, county or so-called American Viticultural Area (AVA) where a wine is grown. The best-known AVA is Napa Valley. The country with most appellations – 677 – is Italy, followed by France (448), the United States (226), Argentina (218), Greece (146), Spain (142), Australia (68), Romania (66), Chile (61) and South Africa (58).


Our beer section encompasses 300 types of beer from 96 countries. For every country, we group beers in one of three categories: beers from large breweries, beers form microbreweries and beers from pub breweries. In addition, there are a number of European beers with PGI appellation, which we all list. Examples are Cesko Budejovic beer from the Czech Republic, Munich beer from Germany, Old Gueuze from Belgium and Kentish ale from the United Kingdom.


The spirits section of Eatglobe contains product categories from 37 countries. The countries with the highest number of spirit types are France (88), Italy (41). Germany (39) and Spain (34). For every country, spirits are shown according to the relevant sub-categories, from brandy, liqueur and rum to gin, whisky and others. The best-known spirits in France are the brandies Cognac, Armagnac and Calvados. The most famous spirits from Italy are Grappa brandy and Sorento lemon liqueur. From Germany, Grain brandy and Rheinberg bitter; from Spaim, Jerez brandy and Galicia herbs liqueur; from Romania, Oas plum brandy; from Portugal, Madeira rum; and from Greece, anise brandy or Ouzo.

Cider & Other Fermented Drinks

We also list 112 types of cider from 28 countries, such as Cornuaille apple cider from France's Breatgne region, Hesse cider from Germany, Asturian cider from Spain, pear cider from Austria's Mostviertel region and France's Domfront pear cider.

Non-alcoholic Drinks

Moving to non-alcoholic drinks, we present 700 types of tea from 24 countries. From China alone, 126 types of green tea and 25 types of oolong tea are listed, as always together with their respective areas of production. From India, we present 50 types of Darjeeling tea and 48 types of Assam tea, together with the so-called tea gardens, or plantations, where they are grown. From Japan come 87 types of green tea, the best-known of which are Gifu sencha tea, Shizuoka bancha tea and Shizuoka genmaicha tea.

As for black teas, we list 29 types from Sri Lanka, 19 types from Kenya and 9 from Iran, such as Tonekabon tea, Amlash tea and Kangarud tea as well as many others from Nepal, Vietnam, Uganda, Indonesia, Malawi, South Africa, Argentina, Malaysia, Turkey, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Brazil, Guatemala, and Zimbabwe.

Coffee is our second-biggest non-alcoholic drinks category. Eatglobe shows more than 200 types of coffee from 20 countries. Most come from Indonesia, such as Bali Arabica and Rombusta Lampung. From Brazil, we list 15 types of Arabica, from Matas de Minas to Mogiana, from India 14 types of Arabica, from Brahmaputra to Orissa and from Nepal 6 types of Robusta, such as Dak Lag and Dong Nai.

As for cocoa, we present 59 types from 11 countries. Examples are Tumbes, Piura and Cusco from Peru, Merida, Niranda and Sucre from Venezuela and Santander, Huila and Tolima from Colombia.

Mineral Water

Finally, we list 191 types of mineral water from 58 countries. From the Czech Republic we list 14 different mineral waters, among them Carlsbad and Mariansko-Lazenska and from Georgia Sairme and Nabeghlavi mineral water. For each country, we present bottlers for mineral, spring and table water separately.