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The Eatglobe Food Directory contains information on more than 1000 regional food products. Most of these are so-called appellations, which means that the area in which they have to be produced and other prescriptions relating to their production are laid down in written regulations. Only products which fulfill these prescriptions may use the name of the appellation to label their product. The concept of appellations was invented in France in the 19th century, in order to help quality wines stand out and to protect the names of famous wine-producing regions from being appropriated by others. It has meanwhile migrated to foods and is continuously expanding, reflecting consumers' desire to know more about their food. For each regional food product, we show its production area on a map and describe its regulations. Also, we list producers of the product in question, when possible together with their web address.

Cheese and Dairy

The best-known French cheeses which are protected by appellations and which we present are Camembert de Normandie, Charolais and Chevrotin, both goat cheeses, Gruyère, Reblochon and Roquefort, a sheep cheese. The most prominent regional cheeses from Italy are Gorgonzola, Mozarella, which is made from buffalo's milk, Parmigiano Reggiano or Parmesano, as well as Ricotta, Pecorino and Canestrato, the last three of which are made from sheeps' milk. Other well-known appellation cheeses are Gloucester, Staffordshire and Stilton from the United Kingdom, Cabrales and Roncal, a sheep cheese, from Spain, Emmentaler from Switzerland, Tiroler Bergkäse from Austria, Holsteiner Tilsiter from Germany, Edam and Gouda from the Netherlands and Feta, the sheep cheese from Greece.

Meat and Sausages

Among the regional meat products from Italy we show, the best-known are Mortadella, Prosciutto Daniele, Prosciutto di Parma and Salame Felino, which are all made from pork. From France, Saucisson de l'Ardeche, which is a pork sausage, Veau du Limousin, a veal cut and Près-salés du Mont-Saint-Michael, pre-salted lamb cutlets. From Spain, Jamón Serrano is the best-known raw ham, with Schwarzwälder Schinken its German equivalent. Other well-known German meat products are Nürnberger Bratwürste and Thüringer Rostbratwurst, which are raw pork sausages, as well as Thüringer Leberwurst, which is a liver spread. Hungary is represented with its Szeged and Budapest salamis and sausage from Gyula. A typical product from the United Kingdom is the Stornoway Black Pudding.

Fruits and Vegetables

Among regional fruits and vegetables, we show Majhoul Dates from Morocco, Pinggu peaches and Shaanxi apples from China, Elva olives from Portugal, Fava beans from Santorini in Greece and Marchfeld asparagus from Austria.

Olive Oils

Within the large number of olive oils we show, the best-known are Colline Teatine and Cilento from Italy, Chalkidiki, Thasos, Chania and Zakynthos olive oil from Greece, Hills of Toledo and Hills of Granada from Spain, Beira olive oil from Portugal and Aghmat Aylane and Outat El Haj from Morocco.

Bakery and Confectionery

We also list many mouth-watering regional bakery products. Those which may ring a bell include the Bavarian pretzel, Nuremberg gingerbread and Dresden fruit loaf from Germany, Karlovy Vary and Lomnice rusk from the Czech Republic, Krakow bagel from Poland, Lier muffin from Belgium, Kainuu potato pie and Fish pie from Finland and Cornish pastry from the United Kingdom. The related category of confectionery products includes Jijona and Alicante nougat from Spain, Sienese almond cookies and Siena fruit cake from Italy, Lübeck marzipan from Germany, Silesian cake from Poland, Zeroskipou lokum and sugared almonds from Cyprus, Skalica cake from Slovakia and Gayiantep baklava from Turkey.

Honey, Nuts and Mushrooms

Our regional honey and nuts products show, among others, Karst honey from Slovenia, Eiphorbia Desert honey from Morocco, Lazdijai honey from Lithuania and Homolje honey from Serbia, as well as Vallerano chestnuts from Italy, Périgord walnuts from France, Megara pistachios from Greece, Almonds of Tafraout in Morocco and Dried Plums from Kyustendil in Bulgaria.

Herbs, Spices and Condiments

The best-known products among our herbs section are Kalocsa parika from Hungary, Habanero chili from Mexico, Aquila saffron from Italy, Safi capers from Morocco, Bavarian horseradish from Germany and Balsamic vinegar from Modena in Italy.

Fish and Seafood

Examples for our regional fish and seafood products are Yancheng crayfish from China, Lofoten Stockfish from Norway, Vendace roe from Sweden, fish extract from Phu Quoc island in Vietnam and Scottish wild salmon.

Pasta and Grains

Our grains and pasta section, finally, includes Thung Kula Jasmine rice from Thailand, Morelos rice from Mexico, Berry green lentils from France, Lomgkou celllophane noodles from China, Keskes Khoumassi from Morocco and poppy seeds from Waldviertel in Austria.